Wellness at UrbanPromise

UrbanPromise launched the Wellness Center to address health concerns associated with growing up in concentrated urban poverty. The Wellness Center has helped raise awareness on the impact of trauma, ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) and toxic stress in the lives of those most impacted, throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. 

A joint venture with First Presbyterian Church of Haddonfield, the Wellness Center aims to help reduce the impact of toxic stress by empowering children and families to be agents of change in their own lives; providing opportunities for optimal well-being of mind, body and spirit. 

Through a holistic framework, we center community and healthy relationships as integral to collective healing. At its core, our approach is strength based, building on the unique qualities of each individual and helping youth to identify their gifts, talents and abilities in relation to the world around them. Through the integration of socio-emotional learning, mind/body practices and school-based support services, youth are equipped with skills to navigate their daily lives. 

We recognize that youth are resilient, our goal is to support their on-going development and help mitigate the barriers that threaten their long-term success. Through an emphasis on the well-being of each individual, we strive to create an environment where children and their families can thrive, rather than simply survive. 

We believe in the power of community as a collective healing force. We believe every child can reach their optimum potential with the right support and resources at their disposal. We are committed to walking life alongside of our families and being a resource in times of need. 

To date, our Wellness team has helped train over 500+ staff throughout the US and abroad on the impact of trauma. In addition, nutrition, cooking, movement and experiential learning programs help promote healthy lifestyles.  Through both our school garden and a partnership with the Urban Promise Food Co-op, the wellness program is also helping to address the issue of food scarcity in the region. 

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