Food Services

Good nutrition is important both for students’ general health and for their success in school. Students who eat a good breakfast and lunch have an easier time focusing in class, learning, and managing their own behavior. Developing good eating habits when young is also an important element of lifelong health.

With the opening of the Spirit building, UrbanPromise is thrilled to be able to offer nutritious and delicious breakfasts and lunches for all our students. All meals meet or exceed U.S. Department of Agriculture nutrition standards. We also work hard to make the meals appetizing as well as healthy. Students can participate in taste tests for new items and provide feedback on existing menu items. Each month we make changes to our menu based on student feedback and what fresh ingredients are available. 

In addition to healthy meals, the CFS and UPA have a community garden.  Many classes have their own beds in the garden where they grow and tend to their own plants. We also offer nutrition and cooking classes at various grade levels.   

Participation in the lunch program is mandatory but participation in the breakfast program is optional.  Currently 65% of our students qualify for free or reduced price lunch and breakfast.  Students who qualify for free breakfast and lunch (about 55% of our students), they pay nothing for either meal.  For student who qualify for reduced price meals, breakfast costs around $.30/day and lunch around $.40/day.  For students who do not qualify for free or reduced price meals, breakfast costs around $1.30/day and lunch between $2.75 and $2.95 depending on the student’s age—lunch is slightly more expensive for high school than elementary school students because of serving size.  Cost for lunch are built into students monthly tuition.  Parents who sign up their children for breakfast, are billed for the meals every day regardless of whether or not the students eat breakfast that day unless parents notify the school ahead of time that they will be absent.  That is because we have to prepare the meals before we know if students are present.  Parents can sign up or withdraw from the breakfast program at any time with two days notice.