College Prep

Preparing students to get into and succeed in college is a long and complicated process beginning as early as 8th grade—as students decide which high school to attend—and runs through to college graduation. UrbanPromise works to support students through that entire period.

In eighth, ninth, and tenth grade, college prep is largely helping students to pick the right school, and then the right classes. Encouraging and supporting students to work hard to get good grades right from 9th grade is another important element.

In eleventh grade, college prep activities become much more focused with students taking SAT prep classes and the SAT, taking a college and career prep class (CCP), beginning to identify what they are looking for in a college and visiting colleges, and beginning work on their personal statement.

In fall of their twelfth grade year, students continue to prepare for and take the SAT, complete college applications, and visit colleges.

In the winter and spring of their twelfth grade year, students complete the FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), complete their final applications, continue to visit colleges, and begin to decide which college they will attend.

Ambassadors of Hope Scholarship

Upon graduation, students are encouraged to apply for the Ambassadors of Hope (AoH) Scholarship through UrbanPromise. UrbanPromise has given away tens of thousands of dollars to UP alumni to support their college plans. The AoH scholarship requires students to report their grades to the scholarship committee which allows UrbanPromise to keep track of and provide financial and academic support for our alumni in college.