Student Life

UrbanPromise realizes that every student who attends our schools or one of our other programs is a unique individual, created by God with different interests, talents, and abilities. We seek to serve students and parents in all their diversity and we know that a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach does not serve our community or our individual members well. Both schools seek to provide a wide range of supports and opportunities for our students. From our wellness center, to our breakfast and lunch program, to before and after care, to experiential learning, to clubs, to college prep, to how the schools handle discipline, we provide various activities which connect with our wide range of students and their interests and needs.

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center’s mission is to reduce the impact of stress on our students and provide for each child well-being of body, mind and spirit. The Wellness Center offers counseling to CFS and UPA students, families and staff; promotes healthy habits and provides unique education programs encouraging creativity and wellbeing.

Safety & Discipline

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Food Services

UrbanPromise is thrilled to be able to offer nutritious and delicious breakfasts and lunches for all our students.  All meals meet or exceed U.S. Department of Agriculture nutrition standards.  We also work hard to make the meals appetizing as well as healthy.  Students can participate in taste tests for new items and provide feedback on existing menu items.  Each month we make changes to our menu based on student feedback and what fresh ingredients are available. 

After School & Summer Programs

We believe that after school programs not only keep students safe, but support academic progress. Studies by the U.S. Department of Education show a strong correlation between academic gains and after school programs in districts that provide them.

Experiential Learning & UrbanTrekkers

UrbanTrekkers seeks to complement UrbanPromise’s highly successful academic programming with expeditionary learning opportunities. We believe education requires motivation—an awakening of the childlike curiosity that is part of human nature. Trekker trips are designed to motivate students to learn from their outdoor experiences and carry that motivation into their studies. Activities are designed to help develop students’ skills in teamwork, leadership, and decision-making.

College Prep

Preparing students to get into and succeed in college is a long and complicated process beginning as early as 8th grade—as students decide which high school to attend—and runs through to college graduation. UrbanPromise works to support students through that entire period.


What does your child find interesting, what is his or her passion? Does he love to read, shoot hoops or build things? UP schools have a strong commitment to providing experiential learning throughout the curriculum and coursework as the best way to prepare and inspire students. That philosophy carries through to the myriad of clubs and activities we offer our middle school and high school students after hours and to unique opportunities we provide for students to meet with mentors during the school day.