An Overview

One of the greatest strengths of both the CamdenForward School and the UrbanPromise Academy is their small size. Teachers at all grade levels generally have 15 or fewer students in their classes. The principals know every student in each school. Students’ strengths and weaknesses, their unique learning styles, and their histories are known to their teachers and school leadership. The small class size, personal relationships formed with staff, focus on student success, and partnership with parents allow teachers and administrators to tailor the learning for individual student needs. 

UrbanPromise is commitmented to making education even more affordable, by offering customized scholarships based on each family’s size and financial needs. 

Despite living in a city with low rates of academic achievement, CamdenForward School students are eager to learn. This year, they attended school at a rate of 95%!

Despite living in a city where nearly 50% of high school students drop out, 100% of UrbanPromise Academy seniors graduate each year.

Our Customized Approach

Teachers and school leaders have access to numerous resources to help students. Annual Terra Nova standardized testing provides teachers and staff with an approximate picture of students’ math and reading levels. Child study teams, from the Camden County Educational Services Committee, provide a more detailed and specific assessment of students’ learning strengths and needs. Instructional aides and supplemental teachers, also through the Commission, can help students in the classroom or by pulling them out for targeted individual instruction. Our large volunteer base also serves as a source for individual and small group tutoring and classroom help. Finally, teachers can adjust lessons and assignments based on students’ individual learning plans to make sure students get the most out of those assignments.

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CamdenForward School is a private Christian school offering outstanding academics, small class sizes, individual instruction, and opportunities that take our students far beyond the classroom.

At CamdenForward School we ground our curriculum in Christian values, emphasizing personal responsibility and respect for those around us, we offer a safe and nurturing environment to guide students into and through their teenage years. Our curriculum challenges them to be good students who know how to learn and are not afraid to ask questions.

UrbanPromise Academy offers Camden youth a unique schooling opportunity with a low teacher to student ratio, a family-style learning environment, an emphasis on community service, and experiential and expeditionary learning.