K to College Scholarship

At UrbanPromise, we are taking a Kindergarten to College approach to funding education. We believe that the path to college begins in kindergarten with a promise to provide a strong academic foundation and to foster a supportive learning environment based on Christian values where each child can develop his or her own talents and strengths. We can best achieve this goal by helping families pay tuition and keep their children in our schools until graduation from high school and beyond. We have always provided scholarships to help ease the financial burden but we are taking our commitment to making an education at UrbanPromise even more affordable, by offering customized scholarships based on each family’s size and financial needs.

100% of student receive scholarships

Our new Kindergarten to College Scholarship Program will:

  • Offer each student a scholarship, ranging from 33 percent to full tuition (current annual tuition for CFS is $2,225.00)
  • Individualize the scholarship amount based on financial need and family size
  • Provide a discount to families that send more than one child to our schools
  • Continue our Legacy Scholarship for children of UP alumni
  • Provide college scholarships to our high school graduates through our Ambassadors of Hope fund

We want to make a faith–based private education affordable to the families in our community and believe that a sliding–scale approach that takes into consideration the needs of each family we serve is the best way. We believe it is a great investment in the future success of the children we serve. We urge you to contact UrbanPromise to learn how we can help your child on the journey from Kindergarten to College.

Scholarships and financial aid are made possible by Children’s Jubilee, the Ethel Mae Hocker Foundation Scholarship, individual, corporate, and church partners.