Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions.


  1. How do I enroll my child in the school?

    Parents interested in enrolling their child in UrbanPromise schools should pick-up from the schools or download from this website an inquiry form; complete the form and return it to the school. The schools’ enrollment officers will walk parents through the rest of the process which includes registration paperwork, a standardized test, visiting the school, and participating in an interview.

  2. How much does the school cost?

    Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, UrbanPromise will offer the K-to-College Scholarship for all students. The scholarship is need-based and covers between 33% and 100% of the tuition cost. As part of your enrollment process, the principal or enrollment officer will review your income information and let you know the scholarship amount for which you qualify. Other potential costs include uniforms, transportation, and the school breakfast and lunch program—although most families qualify for free or reduced price breakfast and lunch.

  3. What extra educational services are available for my child?

    Children who qualify for additional services--either because of their standardized test scores or because of an evaluation by the Child Study team--have access to extra individualized or small group help from instructional aides or supplemental teachers and can have modifications made to their assignments or extra time to complete assignments or tests. Volunteer tutors, screenings by a school nurse, and extra help from teachers during or after school are available for all students. UrbanPromise schools do not have any self-contained classrooms, so any students who need that level of support in order to do their best may wish to consider another educational alternative.

  4. Can my child play sports if they attend the UPA?

    The local public high school the student would attend if they did not attend UPA, is required by law to allow that student to try-out or participate in sports at the public high school like any student at that school.

  5. Is there a uniform?

    CamdenForward School and UrbanPromise Academy require students to wear a uniform. Uniform City on Broadway in Camden supplies uniforms for UrbanPromise students. Parents will receive a list of acceptable uniform options as a part of their application packet.

  6. What is expeditionary learning?

    UrbanPromise's experiential learning programs expose youth to the diversity of people, places, and natural landscapes outside the environment of their everyday lives. Our programming follows the philosophy that education is a lifelong journey that, when nurtured, leads to an endless childlike curiosity and a continual quest to know “why.” Each component is designed to complement the academic rigors in place within the UrbanPromise classroom. Since 2004 UrbanTrekkers has aided in the leadership and character development of countless middle and high school youth, encouraging them to become motivated, disciplined, goal-oriented, and successful members of society.

  7. Will my child have classes like art, gym, and foreign language?

    Yes, both CFS and UPA offer art, gym, and Spanish. All students participate in gym class each week. Spanish is offered once per week for lower grades and three or four times each week for higher grades. All CamdenForward School students have weekly art classes. UrbanPromise Academy students can choose to take art as one of their electives.

  8. What does discipline look like at the school?

    Discipline policies at the schools are designed to promote a safe and positive learning environment for everyone in the school community. Discipline is not about punishing bad behavior but about helping students develop self-control and self-regulation. Policies in the school seek to keep students in the classroom as much as possible while still providing a safe environment for everyone involved.

  9. Are all teachers certified?

    Not all teachers are certified. However, most are certified and those who are not are certified are encouraged to pursue certification. All teachers are observed and evaluated regularly.

  10. How will my child get back and forth to and from school?

    Unfortunately, at the moment UrbanPromise is unable to provide transportation to and from school for our students. However, transportation supports are available. The Camden Board of Education provides bus passes for students living within Camden but more than a few miles from the school. Parents living outside Camden who drive their children to and from school can often apply for reimbursement from their local school district.

  11. Who do I contact if I have a question or problem?

    Parents with children enrolled in the school can contact their student’s teacher directly if there is a classroom related concern. Parents can also contact their principal over any question or concern related to the school.


    CamdenForward School (K-8):
    Terry Bullock
    856-382-1011 or

    UrbanPromise Academy (9-12):
    Andy Joshua
    856-382-1873 or

    Parents who are in the process of enrolling their child in either of the two schools can contact the schools enrollment officer.

    Enrollment Officers:

    CamdenForward School (K-8):
    Pauline Murfree
    856-382-1010 or

    UrbanPromise Academy (9-12):
    Marisol Rodriguez
    856-382-1874 or
    Mondays and Wednesdays 10:30 to 4 pm