CamdenForward School

CamdenForward School is a private, Christian elementary and middle school for kindergarten through eighth grade students. With a learning environment rich in love, hope, and structure, the school challenges students to attain high academic standards, learn necessary life skills, maintain personal integrity, and develop a Christian worldview.

In 1997 CamdenForward School opened with only two grade levels: pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. UrbanPromise established an additional grade each year thereafter until all elementary and middle school (K-8) classes were available. The school serves 110+ students from the Camden area. Music, dance, visual arts, and unique extracurricular learning opportunities (such as Urban BoatWorks and SeaQuest) supplement CamdenForward School’s comprehensive academic curriculum.

Each year around 110 students enroll at CamdenForward School. Many are still in need of support for their tuition through our Partner Program.

Each year, approximately 15% of students at the Camden Forward School are children of UrbanPromise alumni.

Despite living in a city with low rates of academic achievement, CamdenForward School students are eager to learn. The school consistently sees attendance rates of more than 90-95%.