Fine & Performing Arts

UrbanPromise believes art education is a vital component of the overall development of our children and teens. Weekly visual art instruction and regular performance art activities provide opportunities for our young people to enrich their lives by practicing skills in observation, movement, imaginative thinking and creative production, and in building self-esteem and confidence.

Through the innovative and nurturing instruction of our visual and performance art teachers, UrbanPromise youth are creating brilliant works of art and engaging in dynamic performances and programs, which all represent their personal journeys, pride in their city, and hopes for the future. Prints and note cards of selected works are available for purchase.

Walking in the Light

Dominique was voted "Most Artistic" by her senior class.

Dominique has always enjoyed art—it’s been one of her favorite subjects since elementary school. After graduating from UrbanPromise Academy high school in June 2012, Dominique began her freshman year at Caldwell College where she is studying visual art. UrbanPromise’s diverse arts programming, she says, helped nurture her creative abilities and develop her own artistic perspective.

One of these programs, a favorite of Dominique’s, was UrbanPromise’s semester-long mural project designed and created by middle and high school students in 2011. Along with classmates and friends, Dominique surveyed the community about potential mural themes and imagery that represented our organization’s programs and history—and most importantly—our youth. After the design phase of the project, students learned transfer and application techniques from Miriam Singer, a teacher of Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program, and Julie Kring-Schreifels, UrbanPromise’s artist-in-residence.

Months of painting later, Dominique and the entire UrbanPromise community unveiled the brightly colored mural, aptly titled “Walking in the Light.” The entire project was funded by a generous grant from the Margaret Hall Foundation. The mural, which covers the façade of our “Spirit” building, communicates our organization’s dedication to the city of Camden, our faith, and our children and teens’ hopes for the future.

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