COVID-19 Response & Resources

In compliance with Executive Order 104, signed by Governor Murphy on March 16, 2020, and readopted by Executive Order 107, signed on March 21, 2020, all elementary and secondary schools, are to remain closed to students for as long as these Orders remain in effect. 

UPDATED 3/27/2020: UrbanPromise schools and programs continue to follow the NJ Governor’s mandate of school closings. Currently the Governor has not given an estimated date of when schools will reopen.  The UrbanPromise leadership continues to monitor announcements coming from the Governor’s office and will let staff and volunteers know immediately when an opening date is provided.  Until this date is provided, UrbanPromise will continue to suspend any programming involving social gathering—except activities associated with the Food Co-Op and emergency efforts.  We are working to provide virtual programming and distance learning across all our ministry areas.    

Our Programs

The UrbanPromise Academy continues to educate our students.  Our dedicated staff have transitioned to virtual classrooms—with regularly scheduled classes. Student participation has been close to 100 percent.  Any questions please call or email our Head of School, Andy Joshua, or (856) 906-0220.

The CamdenFoward School continues to educate our students remotely.  Learning packages have been assembled for the past two weeks, assignments are being submitted to teachers weekly.  Efforts are currently being made to get every student a lap top and internet access.  Any questions please call or email our CFS Principal, Terry Bullock, or (919) 622-1917.

The UrbanPromise Wellness Program is available for emotional support for parents and students who participate in UrbanPromise Schools and out of school programs.  If you would like to make an appointment, please contact Sio at

AfterSchool Programs and StreetLeader Programs are suspended until further notice.  If you have questions about the StreetLeader Program, please contact Tam at   For questions about After School Programs and Summer camps, please contact

UrbanTrekkers and Urban BoatWorks programs are both suspended until further notice.  If you are looking for ways to keep yourself “experientially engaged”, please contact Kris at

The Volunteer Program is currently suspended until further notice.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pam at

UrbanPromise Food CO-OP continues to be operated for CO-OP Members and UrbanPromise Families and Staff.  For assistance UrbanPromise families should contact their child’s afterschool director, teacher, or program leader.  

The Thrift Store is currently closed until further notice.  Any questions, please contact Matthew at

School Breakfast & Lunch Program

Since school is closed, our school cafeteria is also closed.  However, there are a number of schools around the city (see below) which will be open for students to get meals.  UPA and CFS students can go to whichever of these locations is most convenient for you.  Breakfast will be available between 9 and 10 am.  Lunch will be available between Noon and 1:30 pm.

UPDATE:  The schools will only be giving meals out on Monday and Thursday between 10 am and noon.  Enough food will be given out for three days.  

Meal Service Locations

  • East Camden: 
    • Woodrow Wilson High School, 3101 Federal Street, 08105
    • Katz Dalsey, 3098 Pleasant Street, 08105
  • North Camden:  Mastery High, 800 Erie Street, 08102
  • Cramer Hill: 
    • Mastery Cramer Hill, 1001 North 17th Street, 08105
    • Camden’s Pride, 897 North 31st Street, 08105
    • Camden’s Promise, 879 Beideman Ave., 08105
  • Parkside: Camden High, 1875 Park Blvd., 08103
  • Bergen Square:  Wiggins School, 400 Mt. Vernon Street, 08103
  • Lanning Square:  KIPP Lanning Square, 525 Clinton Street, 08103
  • Central Business District:  Camden Academy Charter High School, 250 Federal Street, 08103
  • Whitman Park/Liberty Park:  Uncommon/Camden Prep, 1575 Mt. Ephraim, 08104
  • Morgan Village:  Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy, 990 Morgan Blvd., 08105
  • Fairview:  Yorkship School, 1251 W. Collings Avenue, 08104

Facts & Resources about COVID-19

How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus

NJ Mental Health Cares

If you're concerned about your mental health or the mental health of someone you love, NJMentalHealthCares can help. The free hotline offers telephone counseling, information and referral and assistance to get behavioral health services.  

866-202-HELP (4357)
TTY: 877-29404356
Monday through Friday 8am-8pm