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Wednesday, February 16

Twenty-seven years is a really good run. My shoes don’t last that long.

Considering we bought our 6,500 square foot school building in 1995 for $215,000–an old church housed on a full city block of property—I’d say UrbanPromise got its money worth.

Not to mention that for twenty-seven winters our original furnace/boiler has warmed over 3,000 elementary school children as they received a quality Christian education, kept our administrative team from frostbite, heated our sanctuary for beauty pageants, choir practices, funerals, speech contests, after school programs, conferences, weddings and all-nighters…

Even the best of us lose a little efficiency after three decades of service. So, the boiler experts say it’s time to send “old faithful” to furnace heaven. I hope you agree.

It’s time to make a $65,000 investment so the next twenty-seven years of UrbanPromise kids and teachers will have reliable heat, air conditioning and air circulation in their classrooms.

Yes, $65,000 buys UrbanPromise a much needed HVAC system and duct work for our elementary school and administrative offices.

I know some of you are eager to help—you know kids and staff are happier when they’re warm and breathing clean air.

So here’s what I need to accomplish this goal of $65,000:

                    1 gift of $10,000                      8 gifts of $2,500                      20 gifts of $500
                    2 gifts of $5,000                      10 gifts of $1,000                    50 gifts of $100
Please consider making a critical investment at one of these price points. If everyone chips in—our goal will be reached!

I appreciate each of you deeply—Grateful for your help.

Bruce Main
Founder & President

PS. The furnace folks have promised me that the new system will be 95 percent more efficient—that’s going to save on our utility bills! And as we teach our students to care for our environment we can celebrate that the new system will drastically reduce our carbon footprint. 

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