Blog: 27 May 2021

Thursday, May 27

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” shared Terry Bullock, our principal and a 12-year veteran of UrbanPromise’s CamdenForward School.

“At least a quarter of our students are 30 percent behind where they need to be,” she added. “Summer is going to be critical.”

It wasn’t the conversation I wanted to have at this time of year. Despite the challenges of the past year, we hoped to keep all our students on track to pass. Our teachers and staff have worked really hard over the last 14 months through a combination of remote, hybrid and in-person learning.

“It’s not just academics,” she lamented. “Some kids have really suffered emotionally. One student who typically has all As and Bs is now failing. Many of our students have struggled with depression and anxiety. The disruption of daily schedules and social interaction has been devastating.

What I love about Ms. Bullock and our teaching staff is that they never quit. Their number one priority is ensuring their students learn, pass their material, move to the next grade and are emotionally healthy.

“This summer we’ll be requiring summer school for a portion of elementary and high school students,” adds Ms. Bullock, with an air of optimistic determination. “It’s critical they don’t lose ground. We need to avoid the slide and catch up.”

The cost for us to provide summer school is $1,200 per student, a total of $48,000. The good news, we are able to use $21,000 through the CARES Act towards our summer school costs. But that only covers $525 per child for a 6-week summer school experience. Not nearly enough to cover the $1,200 needed for each student.

And you know, $675 for a 6-week academic summer program (with food) is a bargain.

It’s urgent we don’t lose these kids. That’s why I’m writing you. I know you will help!

  • $112.50 will cover 1 week of summer school for a student
  • $225 will cover 2 weeks of summer school for a student
  • $675 will cover 6 weeks of summer school for a student

Of course, I’d be delighted if you sponsored multiple children.

As our team continues to deal with the post-pandemic aftermath, please keep them in your prayers.

In advance, I thank you—as do our staff, parents and students.

With gratitude—

Bruce Main
President & Founder

P.S. We’re delighted to continuing offering city-wide summer camps, job training for teens and expeditionary learning opportunities. These programs offer positive summer engagement and enrichment opportunities that are more necessary than ever after a challenging year of isolation for so many. We are thankful to be engaging more kids more regularly again.

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