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Tuesday, August 28

Five months before my wife Pam’s due date for our second child, we were switched to a different - and better - health plan. Little did I know that a simple change in insurance would change the course of my life and the trajectory of UrbanPromise.

You see, the birth of our second child, Erin, was complicated.  A few days after the insurance was switched,  Pam’s water broke unexpectedly.  Four days later, our one pound baby girl was born into 
the world 17 weeks early, with grade four bleeds on her brain and less than a 10 percent chance of 
survival.  “And if she lives,” confided the neonatologist, “The odds of her being blind and unable to function are very, very high.” 

As young parents, Pam and I were overwhelmed - looking at months of emergency prenatal care, special surgeries, unplanned doctor visits, consultants, occupational therapy, physical therapy… We were also looking at a mountain of debt.  Debt that would force us to leave Camden and pursue other careers. 

That was 27 years ago. I’m happy to say, after years of doctor’s visits and early interventions, Erin recently
graduated with a degree in graphic design and currently interns at two public radio stations. Erin is our miracle and we’re so proud of her courage and resilience.

It’s hard to plan for life’s unexpected events.  Had the ministry not switched to a better insurance, I would have been saddled with over a million dollars in hospital bills and experienced limited access to the services and treatments Erin desperately needed.

Recently our health insurance broker called to share some sobering news--UrbanPromise’s health insurance premiums will increase by 15% this coming year — an additional unplanned $30,000 to our annual budget.  It’s a huge expense for our ministry.

I know you will agree: the most important resource at UrbanPromise is our people.  Without quality staff we cannot run quality schools, creative summer camps, transformative job training programs, innovative boat building, effective tutoring, and faith-inspiring Bible studies. Without longevity of staff we cannot provide stability, consistency and the long-term relationships our children crave. 

I really need your help to care for our staff.

Here’s a plan so we can continue providing quality healthcare for our community:

  • We need one gift of $10,000
  • We need one gift of $5,000
  • We need two gifts of $1,000
  • We need five gifts of $500
  • We need five gifts of $250
  • We need 25 gifts of $100


I look forward to hearing from you. I know many of you will step up and help us reach this urgent goal.


Bruce Main
President & Founder

PS.  Please read a few of these inspirational testimonies from our staff. You’ll see why health insurance is so critical.

The stress of receiving  a cancer diagnosis is hard enough, knowing you have good health insurance and can choose the doctors who are leaders in the field is saving grace.  I am not sure how we would have survived financially or physically without the blessing of our health insurance.

SANDY NEWHALL, serving UrbanPromise for more than 20 years

When my doctor diagnosed me with a painful fibroid tumor, I was relieved it was not more serious, but also worried. Fibroids are treatable, but it would require surgery and potentially cost a lot of money.

Because I work for UrbanPromise, I didn’t have to worry.  Our excellent health care insurance cut my bill from $80,000 to only $4,000 and the staff at UrbanPromise circled me with love and care, bringing meals and visiting me while I recuperated.

- PAMELA FOXX, serving UrbanPromise for more than 10 years


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