And the award goes to...

“I’m so impressed with the work you do in Camden!”

This is the single most common comment I hear from supporters, volunteers, corporate sponsors, event guests, and, recently, a local senator! As a matter of fact, UrbanPromise was formally recognized in 2017 as NPO of the Year by the Non Profit Development Center of Southern New Jersey, for outstanding contribution to and impact on the community. We are extremely proud of this award because it acknowledges the high quality programs we offer, and the talented staff we employ who are devoted to lifting up the children of Camden every day. I hope it encourages you to know that the organization you so generously support every year is being honored for excellence, and I hope you share in our pride!

We are grateful to God for this season of awards and recognition. The work we do here in Camden is hard and there are many challenges and setbacks. Today, we invite you to share in our victories as we look towards our 30-year celebration this fall. Thank you for making our work possible!