Blog: 29 June 2016

Wednesday, June 29

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been bombarded with Facebook messages, texts, phone calls, and drop-ins by camp kids, StreetLeaders, and parents, all with one question:  “Were the letters sent?”  StreetLeader selection is one of the toughest responsibilities that Jacob Rodriguez and his team face each summer.  They must narrow the selection to only 80 teens, when well over 300 are desperately hoping to be hired.  Their decisions are mailed to teens in two letters:  “Congratulations, you’re hired!” or “Thank you for applying for the StreetLeader Program.  You are on the wait list.”  With an extraordinary number of applicants this spring, we placed the majority of teens who applied made the wait list.

StreetLeader Director, Jacob Rodriguez  knows how much this job means to them first-hand: as it made the difference in his life.  “It doesn’t take much,” he says in speaking of the opportunity the program provides for Camden teens, “and it’s not the money that does it; it’s belonging to something bigger and better than themselves.  It’s about making a change in our city.” 

Desperate to include more teens in the program, Jacob reworked the budgeted StreetLeader compensation as a stipend.  By reducing the StreetLeader wages, he was able to hire 20 more teens without increasing the budget.  And our teens don’t mind having their wages cut to make room for others.  According to veteran, second-generation StreetLeader CJ, “It’s not about the money.  It never was.  It’s about the opportunity.  I’m happy more of my peers will be able to be in the program, and we’ll be able to impact more kids this summer.”

On Thursday, Jacob got the go-ahead for his plan. With a big smile, he made a bee-line to his office to contact 20 more kids with the good news that they will be StreetLeaders this summer.  That evening, my Facebook feed and texts were full of good news: “I got the job!”  “Praise God, my baby got hired!”  “Thank you, UrbanPromise! This will be the best summer ever!”

Please consider making an immediate donation—we need your help to keep these 120 teens employed this summer.  Please help me raise the $30,000 as we still need it to support these StreetLeaders! 


I promise the StreetLeaders will give their all to the almost 500 Camden children who will attend our camps this summer.  Every StreetLeader mentors, tutors, and cares for five children, so your gift of one StreetLeader stipend will directly impact a six young lives.

Thank you.  Together, we are changing Camden into a city of promise, one child at a time.

Jodina Hicks

Executive Director

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