Charles Tillman: Man of the Year

Charles Tillman, the Chicago Bear’s extraordinary cornerback, received the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award on Sunday—a highly prestigious award that recognizes an NFL player for the charitable and community work he does off the field. This national recognition was especially meaningful for the UrbanPromise community.

In 2007 Charles and his wife, Jackie, began sponsoring students at UrbanPromise. Beyond sending donations, Charles and Jackie desired to build meaningful relationships with our youth. So they came to visit our campus, ate pizza with our teens, opened their hearts and lives, and allowed themselves to be known as genuine and authentic people.  

Since that first visit, Charles and Jackie have continued to pour themselves into the lives of our youth. When the Bears come to Philadelphia, Jackie makes sure our teens get a great meal and a chance to attend the game. Our college students receive occasional emails from the Tillmans, making sure that studies are taken seriously and classes are attended. Families needing assistance with utility bills, rent, and food continue to benefit from their generosity.

UrbanPromise is thrilled that 100 million television viewers were introduced to an exceptional human being Sunday evening. More importantly, our community is profoundly grateful that the Tillmans are part of the UrbanPromise family.  

Bruce Main