We give thanks!

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am awed by how God has blessed UrbanPromise this past year. There are hundreds of blessings I can share, but here are 10 that come to mind:

10. Over 200 UP workers from around the globe—Toronto, Honduras, Malawi, Wilmington, Trenton, Miami, Charlotte—visited Camden last week for renewal and training at our annual International Summit.  I'm amazed how God continues to expand UP’s reach to our world's most vulnerable citizens.

9. Two new high schools built in Malawi, Africa, through UrbanPromise International—reaching over 300 of Malawi's most impoverished children to provide a quality education.

8. The birth of a new UP in Charlotte, NC.  

7. The $2 million renovation of the Spirit Building in East Camden, providing a new cafeteria, gymnasium, computer center, and classrooms for our schools and afterschool programs. Thank God for our generous donors who have brought us this far!

6. The growth and impact of UP Camden's Wellness Center, providing counseling and training for children and teens beleaguered by toxic stress.

5. The expansion of Camden's UrbanTrekker program to Wilmington, Trenton, and Miami.

4. The purchase of the Fairview Community Baptist Church for $25,000, providing a home for a new afterschool program in the Fairview section of Camden. Thanks again for amazing donors who responded to our appeal.

3. Volunteers and donors who faithfully sacrifice time and treasure so UP can continue to thrive and grow.

2. A remarkable, talented, committed staff and board, who are some of the finest people I know.  

1. The gift of spending every day in the presence of children and teens who dream and persevere in the midst of incredible obstacles.  

For these things, and so many more, I am abundantly grateful.

Bruce Main