Give a gift that will bless a family this Thanksgiving!

During the week of November 25th, UrbanPromise will feed over 600 children and adults in neighborhoods around the city of Camden—a huge undertaking. 

Our dedicated teams of staff and volunteers will prepare the food—turkeys, potatoes, collard greens, even pumpkin pies—and spend hours bringing families by bus to our sites. It will cost UrbanPromise about $5.00 to feed each guest.

But Thanksgiving dinners at UrbanPromise are so much more than delicious food served on paper plates to groups of strangers; they are ultimately Celebrations of Gratitude.   

Our annual neighborhood dinners are about building community, uniting families, and taking time to reflect on God’s goodness and generosity. Thanksgiving dinners are really about practicing gratitude, together.       

The late Henri Nouwan, a theologian from the Catholic tradition, believed that gratitude was a discipline that needed to be cultivated and that “…the choice for gratitude rarely comes without some real effort.” 

The social philosopher, Gregg Easterbrook, put it this way in his exceptional book The Progress Paradox: How Life Gets Better While People Feel Worse.  Easterbrook argued that there is no connection between prosperity and contentment, thus “…we need to spend more time on simple gratitude.”

At our dinners, children will recite poems of gratitude, stressed-out parents will be given the gift of enjoying a delicious meal without the constraints of the family budget, and unacquainted neighbors will break bread together in the spirit of Jesus. All our guests will be encouraged to engage in the practice of “choosing gratitude.”  

Help make it possible for our team to provide these great Celebrations of Gratitude!

For $500, you can underwrite the cost of a dinner for 100 people.

For $150, you can help 30 kids learn the amazing gift of giving thanks.

And for $25, you can give a family of 5 a joyful night out.

As you plan your own family festivities, help us create community Celebrations of Gratitude. I wish you and your family a wonderful Celebration of Gratitude, too!

Bruce Main

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