Blog: 21 October 2013

Monday, October 21

The phone call seemed too good to be true!

After 80 years of ministry, Fairview Community Baptist Church was closing its doors, and the few remaining members wanted UrbanPromise to buy the building. 

“We love the ministry of UrbanPromise,” shared one of the committee members.  “We’ve been praying to make the right decision.  We all feel at peace about UrbanPromise owning the building.  We know you’ll do great work.”

For the past year, UrbanPromise staff has been looking for a new location for an afterschool program and summer camp in the city.  We wanted to expand our outreach.  But some buildings were too old, some were in neighborhoods not conducive to outreach, and others were just too expensive. 

Then we received the call.  The location was perfect, the building was in great shape (a few necessary repairs, but structurally strong), and the price . . . well,  $25,000 for 3500 square feet of program space and a 3-bedroom manse is hard to refuse. Perfect, in fact.

The church is located in the Fairview section of Camden.  What our ministry team loves about Fairview is that it is primarily a residential community: no industry, no scrap yards, and no factories. Just families, with hundreds and 

hundreds of children. It’s a tremendous opportunity to influence a new generation of young people through programs that challenge academic development, life skills, faith development, and Christian leadership. 

In our meetings with the church leaders, we learned that Fairview Community Baptist was originally established as a Sunday school for children in the Fairview section of town. For years, the church impacted generations of children through outreach and Sunday school classes.  

The Good News is that Fairview Community Church is returning to its original roots—a place where children and teens can gather and experience the love and grace of God and mature as leaders. 

When the original appeal was sent to the UrbanPromise donor family, the response was overwhelmingly affirming and positive. You responded, and sent a clear message that you want to see UrbanPromise continue to grow and expand in Camden.

Thank you!  Thank you for believing in this vision. Thank you for making an investment in the children of this neighborhood.

With gratitude,

Bruce Main


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