The Promise Effect: Thursday, Week 7

"Are we willing to give until it hurts?" Mother Teresa of Calcutta

“It was a wonderful dedication and it was a joy for me to be there...The room bearing my name is so light and perfect. I didn’t notice the names on the door, but Don, my pastor, did, and like you—I smiled when I entered. God had me choose right when I used my 'new car' money for the room. My ’86 Caravelle is still running, but it belongs to Rev. Don now. I no longer drive but am blessed to have others drive me. God does provide. Now I feel led to donate money to furnish a classroom.” (Doris, June 6, 2006)

Reflect & Discuss

Take some time this week to think about the choices you’ve been making about your money and possessions. Talk with your spouse and perhaps the whole family about this. This is an invitation to do some fresh analysis of your priorities. What choices can you make today that will have an eternal, enduring impact? Do you trust God enough to let go of your manna and share it with others? Don’t just get “guilted” and write a check. Invest some serious thought and prayer in this, and set up some long-term patterns. How do you make your financial choices? How can you most effectively honor God with your resources?


God of abundance, God of plenty, we acknowledge that all we have comes from your hand. Nothing we own is ours. We are stewards of your goodness. (The Promise Effect, p. 175, 176, 177)

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