I come from

I come from
By Dominique Payne, UrbanPromise Alumni

I come from parents who come from islands where the water is as clear as glass and the breeze is as
     cool as a summer day.

I come from a place with a bad reputation, where some people would fire a gun and not worry if
     the person they hit could possibly be the one to cure cancer, or create world peace. The
     person they hit could be a single mother who is struggling to take care of five kids, an
     older sister who is a role model to her younger sister who wishes to be just like her when
     she grows up, or an older brother who is working and doing something on the side just to
     get what he needs.

I come from a family who barely listens and if they do it’s only to hear what they want to hear
     and not what you really said.

I come from a family that has poor sight, where four eyes are common than two but even with
     four they still can’t see that I am not as happy as my smile appears, my
     smile that could shine as bright as the sun, and holds a story that many would want to hear but only one
     can tell. My smile that once held nothing but happiness but is now dimmed by the
     problems that come in life.

I come from stubborn siblings who believe there is more than one right way to doing things and
      if they can’t get their point across nothing will go your way.

I believe all the stories of me never crying when I was little, but instead laughing at nothing and
     always carrying a smile as if it was a valuable jewel that was one of a kind and everyone
     wanted to have it.

I will not let someone determine my future and tell me where I can and cannot go. My future will
      be for me and will be a result of all the choices I made because no one judged me or told
      me I couldn’t be who I am.

I wake up sometimes feeling like I’ve slept for days and my body is weak from the abuse of
     time. Abuse of trying too hard and caring too much.