Blog: 18 March 2013

Monday, March 18

“If God is a God of justice, what’s God doing about the injustice in the world?” Good question, isn’t it? “What’s God’s plan to make it believable to the world that God is good?”  (Haugen; The Promise Effect, p.145)    

We are the plan! Our decisions matter. Our lives matter. I believe we have all been given a “royal position"--especially in North America. Our education, our access to resources, and our social networks all put us in a place where we can significantly alter the course of history. The question becomes: Will we act courageously when we are called to make a choice?      


Think about “someday.” Many people have great, godly plans for “someday.” Someday I will volunteer for that ministry. Someday I will sell my sports car and give the proceeds to the poor. Someday I will develop a dormant talent and offer it to the Lord. You can fill in your own details, but you probably have a someday plan.

If you are truly “God’s plan to make it believable to the world that God is good,” then how will that plan take shape in the next few months, weeks, or days? What can you do this week to take a significant step toward someday?


Lord, it’s easy for me to look to someone else “to be the plan.” It’s easy to stick my head in the sand and wait for another day to act. I pray that you will reveal your plan today.  


Hear Bruce talk about “the plan” to help Ernest attend college!

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