The Promise Effect: Wednesday, Week 5

“Immediately they left their nets and followed...” Matthew 4:20

There is something impulsive about these fishermen leaving their nets and following Jesus. No reference checks. No strategic plan as to how this huge decision will impact their careers. No consultation or “let me go home and pray about it.” Immediately they left. Their decision is visceral, instinctive, and intuitive. With time to think, they probably would have stayed home and missed their opportunity to change the world. Had these novice disciples weighed the pros and cons, they would have missed the chance to become a real part of the most significant movement in history. It all starts with a rather quick decision. Immediately. So what role does rational, calculated, strategic thinking play in the spiritual life? Does it have a place? I think it can. But I also believe that our head can get in the way of our heart. More often than not, I see the filter of reason squelch the prompting of the Spirit. We never take the first step. We never get out of the starting blocks. Sometimes we just need to drop what we are doing and act . . . immediately. Stop making excuses and deliver the message . . . immediately. These fishermen had a hunch that following the call of Jesus was the right thing to do. I’m glad they followed. It changed their lives. It changed mine. (The Promise Effect, p. 69)


Listen to your sub-conscience, listen to your inner voice, listen for the whisper of God. Whatever you call it, listen…then act. 


Lord, thanks for the gift of reason. Thanks for years of education. I celebrate these gifts. But help me not to hide behind them. Help me not to be immobilized by analysis. Give me courage to trust my intuition, my subconscious, and my gut. I embrace the truth that you move in mysterious ways.

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