The Promise Effect: Thursday, Week 3


“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.”
     Hebrews 13:2

We shouldn’t just express hospitality in order to meet an angel—although it is an intriguing possibility and one that piques my curiosity. Our motivation should come from a deeper place in the heart—a heart that has decided to welcome, embrace, and entertain strangers. Without a doubt, the teachings of Jesus make it clear that the biblical call of hospitality must transcend our friends, our social network, and those who can repay our generosity. Jesus continuously offered kindness to outsiders. Remember that Samaritans, lepers, Roman centurions, prostitutes, bleeding women, and children were not part of the country club circle of Jesus’ day. They lived on the fringes. They weren’t the ones invited to the fundraising dinners. To associate with such people was a great risk to Jesus’ reputation, and yet he did. Often. (The Promise Effect, p. 192)

Reflect & Discuss

Is the act of being hospitable easy for you? Is it difficult? Reflect on why this is. Take some time with God and think through: (a) people who you regularly show kindness or hospitality to; or (b) people you think you should show kindness or hospitality to. In the latter case, God may bring you specific ideas about how to do this.


Lord, teach me what it means to extend hospitality to all people without a sense of duty and drudgery.



Submitted by Craig on
I was once told that true hospitality is making people feel at home when you are wishing they were at home... but it is actually more than that... it doesn't mean opening yourself and what is yours up to others but begrudgingly. It is opening up both within your mind and spirit.

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