Blog: 11 January 2013

Friday, January 11


Day by day
I come to UrbanPromise
And I ask myself
Why to do I keep coming back
Well I come back because…
Ya’ll helped me to realize a lot.

Before I came to UrbanPromise
I didn'’t think
I could do anything
My self-esteem was low
I didn'’t think
I was anyone because I was always bullied

I was always call the ugly, slow girl
People always told me
I wasn'’t going to achieve anything
I’ve been stomped in the dirt too much
And look where it got me

Then when I met new friends
And other people
UrbanPromise became my
Second family because… I called everyone
My brothers and sisters

One thing I know
No matter how crazy or weird
I acted ya’ll never judged me
You always encouraged me to
Do good and achieve my goals

And to tell ya’ll the truth
UrbanPromise helped me to have faith
And to believe because I didn’t have that
But UrbanPromise saved my life
I could have been one lost child

After I started taking control of my
And when I looked in the mirror
I said I am something
I am beautiful
I can do it
So all the people
I have hating and stomping all over me
No more
So if you don’t like me
Brush it off and get over it
I am a different person now
And I am in love with the new me
And no one
Is going to mess that up

By: Brianna Shephard

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