Blog: 17 December 2012

Monday, December 17

Last year, 44 students—around one fourth of our student population—nearly withdrew from UrbanPromise schools because they were unable to pay tuition.  Behind each of those 44 instances was a child whose family was experiencing some kind of financial crisis—due to a lost job, a father who had died, a grandmother who could no longer help with the bills, or a parent who relapsed. 

Behind each of those stories was a child who loved school at UrbanPromise, who counted on staff to teach and empower, and who had no fears of being made fun of or bullied. Even though the families of those 44 students could not afford a portion of their tuition, each child was able to remain at UrbanPromise. That wouldn’t have been possible without your support.
Because of your gift to our Emergency Family Fund, which offers financial assistance to families in need, UrbanPromise has been able to help pay students’ tuition, provide for basic necessities, and enable families to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas season.
When I came back to work at UrbanPromise in 2010, that year’s kindergarten class—now 2nd graders—instantly became my favorite. The stories of each of the 18 students moved me and created a bond between us. By the time they arrived at UrbanPromise—at just five or six years of age—many had already experienced more incidents of personal trauma than most individuals will in a lifetime. But despite it all, they came running to school each day, excited to learn and spend time together, hugging and encouraging one another when they had a bad morning.
I mention these 18 students because the Emergency Family Fund has helped more than half of them remain in school over the past two and a half years. Support by donors like you has provided them with a structured and loving learning environment, even if their home situation is less than stable. 
I hope you’ll continue to aid in their development and ensure they are cared for and loved at UrbanPromise for years to come. Now more than ever—and especially during this Christmas season—a gift to the Emergency Family Fund will make a particularly significant impact in the lives of our youth.
Thank you for blessing our young people and families this holiday and throughout the year. 
P.S. If you are interested in sponsoring a specific family in need please contact Jodina Hicks, Executive Director, at or (856) 382-1851.


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