UrbanPromise Seniors Exercise Their Right to Vote

Last week's election was an exciting one for many reasons, particularly for our young people who voted for the first time! Our UrbanPromise Academy seniors wrote the following story about their voting experience:

“Tilt your head. Shoulders back. Smile.” Tuesday was Picture Day at UrbanPromise Academy (UPA).

Excitedly, the senior class jumped into and out of their caps and gowns, rushing outside into the blustering November wind, and crammed into a bus on their way to their first polling station at Sharp Elementary.

On an average Tuesday morning, the seniors could easily have savored the momentary hiatus of classroom work to take pictures, but this particular Tuesday was Election Day.

“I feel like I’ve made a difference,” said beaming UPA senior Maria Arroyo outside of Sharp Elementary. Proudly wearing an “I VOTED” sticker, Arroyo said that she was “anxious,” prior to voting, but the experience was also “exciting.”


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