Blog: 4 May 2012

Friday, May 4

AlexSince March, a group of UrbanPromise Academy high school students have spent each Sunday biking through New Jersey to train for Pedal for Promise. For some, this is their first time on a bicycle—or at least, the first time they’ve traveled any long distance on a bike. UrbanPromise Academy freshman, Alex Deleon, has truly embraced the riding experience—even if his legs are pretty sore Monday morning as he climbs the Academy stairs. Recently, Alex shared that finishing the 50 miles will be an incredible accomplishment for him. “I’ve only ever ridden to the corner store and back home, Mr. C,” he said. “Fifty miles is going to be hard!" It will be hard, but it will also be an unforgettable experience and achievement that Alex will treasure for the rest of his life. Students like Alex need your support and encouragement to make it to the finish line.

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