A night at the theater

Earlier this month, UrbanPromise's middle school was transformed into an upscale Italian restaurant our buses and vans became limousines and town cars; and our students dressed up in sport coats, ties, dresses, and heels—their outfits rivaling even the most beautiful red carpet gown or tux.

Although this was a school night, the youth of UrbanPromise were headed out for a night on the town. Their excitement filled the air, and was as palpable as the aroma of their pasta dinner which wafted throughout the UrbanPromise sanctuary.

“We’re going to real Broadway play,” said Tamia excitedly.  “It’s my first time!”

theaterTamia was among more than 100 of our youth who attended a nearly sold-out performance of the comedic play Cyrano at Philadelphia’s Arden Theatre on an evening in early March.

Through the generosity of the Arden Theatre—and UrbanPromise donors like you—our children and teens were treated to the premiere showing of Cyrano free-of-charge. They laughed and cheered as the lead, Cyrano de Bergerac—a large-nosed poet and dueling master—attempted to woo the beautiful Roxanne with his poetry.

Ultimately, his sonnets were ineffective with Roxanne; but they certainly entertained our students: “Mr. Cyrano was pretty witty,” said Karim. “And I loved the sword fights.” His classmates reiterated these sentiments.

When the show ended, a tired bunch of students boarded the buses and vans once again, their dress-shoed feet dragging behind them.

But despite the late night, they arrived to school the next day still smiling and enthusiastic about the previous evening. They described it as an “unforgettable” event.

The experiences of students like Karim and Tamia are possible only through the gifts of our generous supporters. Thank you for providing them with such memories.

Bruce Main

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