Blog: 7 July 2011

Thursday, July 7

Tim Dion, our new best friend and fin shaper extraordinaire, told us this on one of his visits. The boards that we are making, well, the design harks back to the first paddle boards to be paddled in open water, the fins reflect two distinct designs and periods in the history of surfing, and the shield design that we put on this weekend is reminiscent of shield designs from way back when too.

and yes, we blatantly stole our ideas from the great designs of the early days of surfing and paddling, with some guidance from our friends out here, and we are hopeful that the surfing and paddling community will embrace our ‘handcrafted in Malibu’ boards with all the love and care that we, collectively, have put into making them.

things are winding down here, yet they are also stepping up a notch- we’re putting on all our finishing touches, lacquer, epoxy, finish sanding, sugar coat, and that all involves a lot of waiting and drying, but at the same time, everyone here is getting pumped for this to be finished and for the boards to be launched, to actually get out and paddle them. to test their seaworthyness.

we’re pretty excited.

(here’s a little peek into the making of these boards, and where they’re at now…)






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