Urban BoatWorks in Malibu: Day 8, Hula Pie?

so much for normality.

today was a day of learning curves.

luis in the waves with a surfboard.

jesus in the shop learning to place fins.

mike in the van planning a steep teaching curve.

me learning to let go a little, use the math that was hammered into me, accept peoples generousity.

we all had to learn to let go of our schedule, to lean a little more on each other and those around us, and to be grace-filled people.

it’s definitely getting to that point, that breaking point, that exhaustion, running on pure adrenaline, haven’t had enough time off point and so the little things get big and the big things…. phew.

but the end is in sight. this week, after the weekend, will be a delight.

the deck design is almost ready, the fins are in place, the boards are readying themselves for their unveiling. my goodness things are shaping up around here, and the conversations? well, they just make me laugh. and want to bring all these people back to camden. the things we could do. the ideas, the energy… it is marvellous. hopefully we’ll catch some more of that and you’ll get to experience it too.

until then you’ll have to make do with my witterings.

peace and love -suz