Blog: 26 March 2011

Saturday, March 26

The Elite Team after their first road session of 12 miles.

On May 7, the UrbanPromise Elite Cycling Team will make there debut ride in the Pedal For Promise.  The Elite Cycling Team is made up of a group of 11 students from UrbanPromise Academy who have committed to train every Sunday afternoon in preparation for the 50-mile ride.  (A number of other students and staff will be participating in the 22 and 13-mile rides.)

We thought you would be encouraged by the following story from one of our students on the UrbanPromise Elite Cycling Team:

“When I used to see those silly looking people at Cooper River Park in those tight fitting uniforms all hunched over their bikes I never in all my life imagined I would become one of them - I thought they looked creepy. After three sessions of classroom orientation I’m going to get on the road today. I’m miles away from home in this place called the Jersey Pines and there isn’t much that looks familiar. The whole idea of riding a bike as part of a team sounds as silly as those spandex suits. My classmates and I are going to become a team, the UrbanPromise Academy (UPA) Elite Cyclers. Eleven of us have signed on to ride in the 50 mile Pedal for Promise fund raiser set for May 7th.

This will require commitment and lots of hard work and learning to speak a new language. The coaches use words like cadence, attack, drafting and breaking away; what are they talking about? We practice every Sunday afternoon after attending church with our coaches. You could join us or even better check us out on May 7th in our UPA Elite Team spandex uniforms. We look forward to sharing the rode with all of you!”

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