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Sunday, March 13

Consider volunteering your time to change the life of a child...


Cut backs in the Camden police force coupled with inferior public schools make this a critical time for the future of Camden's hard working youth.

We are in need of people willing to help tutor children from grades K-8.  Our AfterSchool Program kids, who mostly attend underperforming Camden schools, would thrive with the opportunity to receive one on one tutoring from an individual who is willing to come once a month, once a week or even daily! All you need is the ability to love coupled with a desire to make a difference and you will help a child be a success!

Our youth are in need of people to help with: math and language arts homework, practice multiplication facts with flash cards, reading partners and much more.

We would love the opportunity to introduce you to our amazing program and kids.

UrbanPromise AfterSchool Program Facts:

  • 280 children and teens attend daily
  • Programs are free of charge to all youth
  • Grades 1st-8th
  • Located in five locations throughout the city of Camden
  • Programs run Monday-Thursday, 3:30-6pm

Examples of students with specific needs:

  • Angelina (Lu Lu), Does a really great job with reading and writing but when it comes to her math skills she quickly loses confidence.
  • Monee needs help in reading
  • Jackie has a wildly creative imagination but has dificulty articulating it in her school work.
  • Joshua, Ozzy and Xavier: all three boys are struggling with their reading skills and beginning to fall through the cracks in school.

Other opportunities for volunteers in our AfterSchool Programs:

  • Bring a snack for 40 kids and teens.  Cook a big pot of soup, spaghetti, fruit trays, vegetable and dip trays, pizza, etc.
  • We are always looking for people to help with homework, reading partners, multiplication or other math flash card/drills.
  • Consider leading a craft project for the day.

Take action: Volunteer
Click here for more information on the volunteer process and application
Click here for other volunteer opportunites at UrbanPromise.

Do you have safety concerns?

Please give Susan Wilhelm, our volunteer coordinator a call or email to discuss your concerns.  Susan will give you more information about volunteer opportunities, tell you more about the neighborhoods our programs are located in and much more.

Potential volunteers are encouraged to schedule a time to come visit the program they are interested in during program hours.  Potential volunteers would meet at our main campus (click here for directions) with Susan and then travel together to the program you are interested in working with.  You will have the opportunity to meet the program director and youth.  Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to serve.  Call today!

Contact Susan Wilhelm at (856) 382-1865 or

Sunday, March 13
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