UPA Students Complete Servant Leadership Course

From September – January of this year, UPA juniors and seniors participated in a course on leadership, called “Servant Leadership”. During the 6-month course, students explored servant leader attributes; techniques; and examples. They kept journals with their reflections and attempts to display servant-leadership, and they role played characteristics, such as empathy.

The culmination of the course was to complete a leadership project that combined at least 4 servant-leader attributes. Projects included the design of a community mural; a white paper to the Governor’s office on Education Reform; a community mapping survey; and leading a school assembly for K-8th graders. The Holman family generously allowed the 20 students to present their final projects in their BMW dealership conference room. The setting provided a high standard and Donald Trump-like setting for the students….but now all of our students want to own a BMW in the future!