StreetLeaders Visit Eastern University

On Friday, December 3rd, Dana Covert (StreetLeader Co-Director) and Jodina Hicks (Executive Director) joined eight StreetLeaders and StreetLeader Alumni as they traveled to Eastern University for admissions interviews. During the afternoon the StreetLeaders each had interviews with admissions representatives, went on a brief tour, and enjoyed a complimentary dinner in the dining hall. They also met with several of the staff at Eastern to discuss scholarship opportunities that are available to young people involved with UrbanPromise. It was an excellent opportunity for our StreetLeaders and UrbanPromise Academy students to exercise interview skills in a friendly and encouraging environment. All of the staff at Eastern were impressed with the StreetLeaders!

Our StreetLeader Program is a natural outgrowth of the Afterschool Programs. Each year, approximately 80 Camden-area teens are hired as counselors, teachers, coaches, and role models for children in our AfterSchool Programs and Summer Camps. Many of the StreetLeaders are graduates of our AfterSchools Programs and are passionate about having this opportunity to help raise up the next generation and to give back to their community. In fact, the heart of the StreetLeader Program is challenging our teenagers to use their influence to make positive changes in their lives and in the community of Camden through job training, education, and Christian development.