Students visit artist's studio & community garden in Waterfront South Camden

The seventh grade students in Julie Kring-Schreifels art class were recently invited to spend the afternoon in the Camden Waterfront neighborhood to experience the creative endeavors that are taking place around Sacred Heart Church.

Local resident and director of The Center for Transformation Andrea Ferich met with students in the community garden and showed off  the wood oven they built by hand, as well as the chicken coop, vegetables being harvested and artwork honoring the earth.

Following this, they were treated to a visit to the studio of artist Brother Michael O’Neill McGrath.  He shared with the students many of his original works inspired by biblical characters in the downstairs gallery, and then works he is currently working on in his upstairs studio.  The students were intrigued by his use of symbolism and colorful representation of familiar stories from the bible.

They are currently designing their own angels in art class using symbolism to represent a gift they would like to be blessed with.  Brother Mickey’s works were the perfect vehicle to help them understand the unique ways an artist can communicate ideas.   He likes to quote the great Dorothy Day, founder of The Catholic Worker movement.  She said, “The world will be saved by beauty.”  Our students were blessed to see some great beauty in their own city through the efforts of people who believe in caring for creation and honoring their gifts.

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