UrbanTrekkers canoe the Batsto River

Eighteen students and adults took on the ever challenging Batsto River this past Saturday (November 13, 2010) for a paddling adventure.  The New Jersey Pine Barrens, only one hour away from the streets of Camden, offers some incredibly wild and natural paddling experiences on its scenic and tea colored rivers.

An Indian Summer weekend with dry air and afternoon temps in the upper 60’s made us all feel pretty lucky to be out in our canoes for the six hour paddle from Quaker Bridge to Batsto Lake. Even though the temps and bright sunshine made you feel warm and excited to be “on” the water I knew that would all change quickly if anyone was to find themselves “in” the water…and it didn’t take long!

Only thirty minutes into the paddle Luis and JoMary were fooled by a barely submerged tree trunk.  Before they knew what happened they were out of the flipped canoe and into the river.  Their classmates responded quickly picking up paddles and floating gear along with JoMary’s floating shoe.  The team effort and pre-trip planning paid off as the Trekkers quickly got the canoe to the shore and a chance for Luis and JoMary to change into their dry clothes before continuing on their way.

The day was long and challenging but the Trekkers felt proud of their accomplishment.  They had taken on the Batsto River in November and successfully negotiated the many twists and turns on a river often not much wider than the length of a canoe.  Keep Trekking, the adventure continues.

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