UrbanPromise International Summit: November 4-5, 2010

I've had an amazing week! When UrbanPromise Camden started 23 years ago, never did I imagine that this vision would spread to other cities and countries.

Never did I imagine that a little summer camp, run out of a church basement in East Camden, would grow to impact the lives of thousands of children and teens around the world.

Last Thursday and Friday I listened and watched--in awe--to the testimonies of over 100 staff workers from Vancouver, Toronto, Miami, Wilmington, Camden, Malawi and Honduras. We had gathered for our annual UrbanPromise International Summit--a time to renew our vision, share best practices, deepen friendships, encourage one another while celebrating the miraculous work God is doing through this ministry.

"I love coming to Camden," shared a program director from Toronto. "To see where UrbanPromise started and to learn from your years of experience is truly inspiring. I'm going back to my city ready to reengage." From a teacher in Wilmington, "Thank you Camden for your faithfulness and willingness to share your insights with other cities."

I want you to know when you support the work of UrbanPromise in Camden, you are greatly impacting the work of UrbanPromise world-wide. People look to UrbanPromise in Camden for inspiration, wisdom and guidance. This is where it all started! So thanks for helping me keep this movement moving forward! Amazing things are happening.


Dr. Bruce Main

PS. Click here and visit our UrbanPromise International website and read more about our sites around the world.