ASP Trip to Messiah College

On October 30 the AfterSchool Programs took over 50 students to Messiah College and Hershey Park.  The trip is an opportunity to introduce our students to college life and to the great American invention -- the Theme Park!

On the trip the ASP kids pair up with one or two Messiah College students for a tour of the campus.  It's a chance for the ASP kids to ask questions and see college as a positive experience, hopefully motivating them to one day attend college themselves.

The trip is also a tremendous opportunity for staff to spend some great relational time with the kids at Hershey Park while walking, talking, and enjoying the attractions.

A special thanks to the directors who started the day at 7:00am and did not return back to UP until late in the evening.  It was an incredible trip and our kids were truly blessed, encouraged and had an amazing time!