Blog: 21 October 2010

Thursday, October 21

For several years now each fall UrbanTrekkers travel to Assateague Island off the coast of Maryland and Virginia to camp on the beach and kayak the bay among wild ponies and Egrets. Assateague Island National Seashore allows our urban youth the opportunity to leave the city and its pressures behind as they explore God’s magnificent creation in a place of awesome beauty and serenity.

This year the Trekkers we treated to a special surprise when they saw groups of monarch butterflies resting on their long trip south to Mexico. In the cool of the morning the butterflies were waiting for the sun to warm their wings before they ventured out for their daily journey. One of the students, Luis, wanted to bring a butterfly home to Camden to give to his Grandmother. Jim explained that God had a plan for this creature, a plan that didn’t line up with the plan Luis had envisioned. He shared how often that is the case in our lives and the plans we make. Luis gave a look of reluctant understanding, raised his hands upwards and released the butterfly to continue on his miraculous journey.

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