Camp Grace goes camping...

Garrett, AfterSchool Program director and his team from the North AfterSchool Program (5th-8th graders) took advantage of the day off from school last Monday to take a small group of their kids camping.

They started off the trip Sunday morning attending church with Kyle, one of the North interns. After church they went to Kyle’s house and spent the rest of the day outside around there: hiking through the woods, going on a hayride, picking and carving pumpkins, and roasting pumpkin seeds.

That evening they had a big campfire, took the kids on a scary night hike with flashlights, saw stars, and eventually got everyone in their tents and asleep. Morning came quickly but the pancakes Kyle’s dad cooked helped wake everyone up. After another long hike, which included everyone dunking their head in a lake, they headed home. It was a great weekend with the kids: deepening relationships, broadening horizons and just having fun!