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Sunday, October 31

On October 30 the AfterSchool Programs took over 50 students to Messiah College and Hershey Park.  The trip is an opportunity to introduce our students to college life and to the great American invention -- the Theme Park!

On the trip the ASP kids pair up with one or two Messiah College students for a tour of the campus.  It's a chance for the ASP kids to ask questions and see college as a positive experience, hopefully motivating them to one day attend college themselves.

The trip is also a tremendous opportunity for staff to spend some great relational time with the kids at Hershey Park while walking, talking, and enjoying the attractions.

A special thanks to the directors who started the day at 7:00am and did not return back to UP until late in the evening.  It was an incredible trip and our kids were truly blessed, encouraged and had an amazing time!

Friday, October 29

On October 24th, six students and five staff from UrbanPromise participated in the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Walk at Cooper River.  A job well done!

Monday, October 25

For Molly (assistant to the President), traveling to Malawi was an eye opening journey. "The youth programs are dynamic, and the leaders are really changing the cycle of poverty. We saw eager kids as they showed up to after school programs barefoot, in tattered, dirty and old clothing. They are studious when it comes to learning English. When kids have nothing by the world’s standards, yet complain about nothing (as we experienced on our trip), it really makes you understand true humility. Many of us experienced God through the people’s kindness. I would like to say Zikomo (thank you) for all the prayers and support."

Thursday, October 21

For several years now each fall UrbanTrekkers travel to Assateague Island off the coast of Maryland and Virginia to camp on the beach and kayak the bay among wild ponies and Egrets. Assateague Island National Seashore allows our urban youth the opportunity to leave the city and its pressures behind as they explore God’s magnificent creation in a place of awesome beauty and serenity.

This year the Trekkers we treated to a special surprise when they saw groups of monarch butterflies resting on their long trip south to Mexico. In the cool of the morning the butterflies were waiting for the sun to warm their wings before they ventured out for their daily journey. One of the students, Luis, wanted to bring a butterfly home to Camden to give to his Grandmother. Jim explained that God had a plan for this creature, a plan that didn’t line up with the plan Luis had envisioned. He shared how often that is the case in our lives and the plans we make. Luis gave a look of reluctant understanding, raised his hands upwards and released the butterfly to continue on his miraculous journey.

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Sunday, October 17

Next time you are at UrbanPromise check out the new playground equipment, the refurbished entrance to the Eastside Building, the newly painted gym, roof repairs, organized closets, repaired pool table, raised light fixtures, weeding, mulching, and cleaning completed at the same time.

A group of about 70 volunteers, organized by True North Church spent the entire day here on the October 16th working hard, having fun and helping to beautify and fix up our campus!

Saturday, October 16

Garrett, AfterSchool Program director and his team from the North AfterSchool Program (5th-8th graders) took advantage of the day off from school last Monday to take a small group of their kids camping.

They started off the trip Sunday morning attending church with Kyle, one of the North interns. After church they went to Kyle’s house and spent the rest of the day outside around there: hiking through the woods, going on a hayride, picking and carving pumpkins, and roasting pumpkin seeds.

That evening they had a big campfire, took the kids on a scary night hike with flashlights, saw stars, and eventually got everyone in their tents and asleep. Morning came quickly but the pancakes Kyle’s dad cooked helped wake everyone up. After another long hike, which included everyone dunking their head in a lake, they headed home. It was a great weekend with the kids: deepening relationships, broadening horizons and just having fun!

Sunday, October 10

Eight of our StreetLeaders and UPA seniors woke up bright and early on Saturday the 9th to take the SAT, many for the first time. Andy and Jacob started picking everyone up at 6:15am so they could meet at McDonalds for a quick breakfast before the SAT. It wasn’t until almost seven hours later, around 1pm, that they finally put down their pencils. The group had been meeting on Tuesday evenings and Friday afternoons for the last month to squeeze in as much practice and preparation before the October test date. All that practice seems to have paid off as the students reported that there were not any surprises on the test and debated which sections they did best on.

Friday, October 8
Jodina's first camping trip with the Trekkers!

Jodina's first camping trip with the Trekkers!

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