The Case Against Summer Vacation

Time magazine recently published an article entitled, The Case Against Summer Vacation. Arguing that summer vacations are an outdated legacy of the farm economy (farmers needing children to harvest fields), the writer illustrates how the academic impact on poor, inner-city children is devastating.

By 5th grade the cumulative impact on children who spend their summers idly watching TV or roaming the streets is a two year academic deficiency compared to their upper middle class counterparts. The “summer slide” can be irreversible, putting low-income children in a position where it is almost impossible to catch up.

There is hope! According to studies, summer programs that focus on academics, life-enriching experiences and FUN can move children from the 30th percentiles to the 70th percentiles in math and reading. Summers can be redeemed and turned in life-transforming experiences for children.

UrbanPromise just finished another season of offering 7 week summer programs for Camden’s children. Since the beginning of July, our children and teens experienced educational, spiritual and social experiences fostering growth and development—while keeping these precious young people off dangerous streets. Thank you for your support in addressing this critical issue. I promise—you are changing lives!

Click here to read Time Magazine article "The Case Against Summer Vacation"