Camp Faith goes to Smoky Mountains for spring break

Fresh air, beautiful mountains, seeing the stars at night - we were definitely not in Camden anymore!  For Spring Break 2010 the fourth grade class of Rosedale AfterSchool Program at UrbanPromise ]Ministries enjoyed five days in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  One child asked while driving through the Smoky Mountains National Park - "Where are all the police?" This was only one of the many differences between the most dangerous city in America - Camden and the countryside of East Tennessee that the kids noticed.

The kids enjoyed hiking, horsebike riding, visiting a children's science museum, go kart riding, ice skating, and many more activities.  Some of these activities "Most of all, the kids enjoyed quality time with our group - the 12 hour van ride and hanging out at the cabin.  "I'm glad we could all be together," Irving, age 10, remarked when asked about his favorite part of the trip. There were many opportunities for conversations about life and faith that I know none of the kids will ever forget.

Our hearts are very grateful for the UrbanPromise sponsors who made this trip possible.  It was nice to have a trip where we didn't have to worry about money, but could enjoy ourselves and allow the kids to have a "family" vacation that they may have never experienced before. Thanks for giving our Camden kids the trip of a lifetime!