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Join the UrbanPromise community today in celebrating the release of Bruce Main's powerful new book, Why Jesus Crossed the Road: Learning to Follow the Unconventional Travel Itinerary of a First-Century Carpenter and his Ragtag Group of Friends as they Hop Fences, Cross Borders, and Generally Go Where Most People Don’t.

Christian leaders, across the country, are heralding Main's new work as "daringly challenging", "gritty", “inspiring” and a "solidly theological" new way of understanding spiritual growth.

Main beckons readers to take up the call of Jesus and become "road crossing Christians"--people committed to crossing cultural, social and religious roads, turning these barriers into bridges for dramatic personal growth and social change.
Let's get the word out about Bruce's book!  Order a copy! Tell your friends!  Share it with your pastor or mission committee.

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