Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech Contest, Feb. 23, 2010

An excerpt from Steve Luu's speech (He won 3rd place), Age 9, 4th Grade:

"When I think of Martin Luther King Jr I think of the greatest inspirer ever. He made a speech "I Have a Dream."  A speech that brought great hope to the people of America. I love Martin Luther King Jr because if he didn't bring black and white people together I wouldn't have some good black friends like Donte and Johnnie Boy.

Martin's dream was to bring black and white people from different parts of America together to have hope, joy, peace plus harmony. This is something that can be seen today in America.

The person who killed Martin should have come to UrbanPromise, if he came to urban promise he would not have done such a horrible thing. Because UrbanPromise teaches us to love each other and not to kill each other.

So I am calling out all people here to be like Martin Luther King Jr because he brought hope to many American people."