UrbanPromise teen prepares for 55 mile bike ride


I was talking to Chris last week, telling him it was time: time to get ready for the Pedal for Promise.  Remember Chris, now a junior at the UrbanPromise Academy?  Two weeks before last year's Pedal for Promise, Chris stopped by my office to ask me to teach him how to ride a bike; he wanted to be part of our fifty mile (Rowan University to Ocean City, NJ) fund raising event.  I agreed to help but had serious reservations we could pull it off in time.  Every day for two weeks Chris took his scrapes and bruises along with dings and dents to my bike, yet his determination was unstoppable.

Chris completed forty-one of the fifty miles.  He was exhausted and depleted when he finally decided he had done his very best and had no more to give.  With legs like Jell-O, he could barely get off the bike last year, but I could tell he knew he had accomplished something very special.  We all ride for kids like Chris and the UrbanTrekkers; they need our support, and that gives us our reason to ride.

Chris told me to count him in for fifty miles this year.  He said, "I'll be there. I'll see you in Ocean City, Mr. C!". Won't you join Chris, me and all the UrbanTrekkers for our fifth annual Pedal for Promise?  Ride with us on May 1 or support a Trekker on their fifty mile challenge to ride across the 34th Street Bridge into Ocean City.

You can now register and donate online at http://www.urbantrekkers.org/getinvolved_pfp.html

Peace, for there is joy in the journey,

Jim Cummings
Director of UrbanTrekkers