Blog: 5 August 2009

Wednesday, August 5

“Wouldn’t it be great if revival came to Camden?” was the response my husband received after sharing with someone about our week with UrbanPromise. How do you explain to someone that this really isn’t the point? Do not misunderstand me; Camden needs Jesus in a major way, but not through revival. The body of Christ in the local church needs revival so that they get off their Sunday pews and start being the hands and feet of Jesus, not only in Camden, but in their own neighborhoods and streets.

How do we begin this great task of rousing a sleeping giant from a comatose state? Shall we have longer sermons, more altar calls, more singing? That could help the giant to reposition itself a little, but what will cause this mighty body to come alive from within?

WE need Jesus and we need each other. Only by becoming passionate about Jesus and passionate about other people will we see new life breathed into our body. When we are able to see past our differences to the real person underneath; when we are able to not only see a soul in need of saving, but a stomach that needs to be fed and shoulders that need loving arms wrapped around them; when we are able to LIVE outside our “comfort zones”— then the body of Christ will truly become the hands and feet of Jesus.

May my heart never forget the lessons I have learned in Camden through UrbanPromise, but more importantly, may I never forget the people. I do not think that I ever will. They have invaded and changed my heart. I will never be the same.

My prayer is that my husband and I have a long relationship with UrbanPromise, but if for some reason God’s will is different, I pray that we can truly be Jesus’ hands and feet in our own community—wherever He leads us.

Praise God for UrbanPromise—keep being the hands and feet of Jesus. We are honored to know you. 

Laura Schrock
Tressler Mennonite Church
Greenwood, DE

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