Dordt College Reflection



This past week was my second spring break that I went to Camden. I am amazed at how different of an experience it was for me then it was the first time I came to Camden. Not only was I able to use some of my skills for the ministry but I was also able to interact with the kids in one of the after school programs. I interacted with a number of kids but there are two in particular that stick out for me. One was a boy named Jeffry who on my first afternoon being at the after school program came up to me and asked me to play basketball with him. Somewhere in the conversation the boy said to me that he was going to make a facebook account just so he could add me as his friend. The other was Eman who I randomly started talking to and continued to talk to until the end of the week. Both boys showed me the impact I had just being there. 


Andrew Raih
Dordt College
PLIA 2009 Camden group