What Is Be Promise?

Be Promise Challenge: Serve, Give, Grow

What Is Be Promise?

In addition to celebrating our 25th anniversary in the city of Camden, UrbanPromise's Be Promise Campaign seeks to communicate the stories of our youth and our vision for the future on an even greater scale.

The phrase "Be Promise" was created to mimic the positive spirit of the UrbanPromise community and environment. Those who have been a part of that community speak to the transformational and empowering nature of the relationships formed within our ministry. Each year, new children, teens, staff, and supporters join the UrbanPromise family and commit to being a part of our promise--a promise to encourage, inspire, and love one another.

As we "Be Promise" during our 25th year in Camden, we hope our celebrations, events, and messaging accomplish the following:

  • Demonstrate gratitude to those who have helped UrbanPromise grow and develop over the last 25 years
  • Celebrate the ways God has blessed our community 
  • Empower our children and teens to continue developing and realizing their potential
  • Expand our network of supporters and friends who will help us attain our goals for the future

What Is The Be Promise Challenge?

Celebrate this milestone 
with us by taking the 
Be Promise Challenge!
We invite you to choose to:


  • Give 25 hours of service! Volunteer in our programs, bring a WorkGroup to one of our special 25th Anniversary Service Days, or host a fundraising event at your home or place of work.


  • Help us fund our Be Promise initiatives by donating above and beyond your regular giving! Your support will bring wellness to our youth, expand extended learning and teen job training, increase college scholarships, and make our schools more affordable for our families.


  • Deepen your faith and relationship with UrbanPromise by participating in various personal and spiritual challenges, reading The Promise Effect, and carrying the spirit of our organization into your daily life and community.